OYA Body Shaping Clinics is an exclusive Medical, Dental and Aesthetic Clinic, specializing in both invasive and non-invasive Face Lifts and Body Shaping.

In ancient mythology, OYA is known as the goddess of wind and the spirit of change. she is the seeker of truth. Like OYA, we sought the truth about fat loss and body shaping treatments, and searched for a safe and effective way to do face lifts and anti-aging procedures without the use of surgery which is often painful and risk-filled.


  • Understand that each person has individual needs, and have created a system to provide for personalized care

  • Designed and developed a fast and truly effective treatment method for weight loss and skin tightening  

  • Use a mix of invasive and non-invasive treatments to provide the best results  



Behind the team of competent doctors of OYA Clinic is a co-owner and head doctor, Dr. Meryl "Mimi" Kallman. Born in the United States but now a proud Indonesian citizen, Dr. Mimi brings to OYA a unique understanding about aesthetic medicine, combining best practice East meets West and the latest in treatments and care.

Dr. Meryl


We have designed OYA Clinic’s powerful Facial Contour Treatment by using OYA’s original patented fat burning cream for targeting the fat deposits around the eyes, the cheeks and the neck. Ultrasound is used to change the ion gradient around the cell membrane to pass the activating cream through the skin and to burn the fat underneath. The loose skin left behind from the “pocket” of burned fat is easily tightened by a second application of high intensity ultrasound at the deeper muscular level. The result is a more defined, contoured face and neck for a younger, rejuvenated appearance.



OYA Clinics also provides Ulthera Facelifts. Ulthera is a non-surgical face lifting treatment which shortens muscle fibres and stimulates collagen to smooth out wrinkles and lift and tighten the face; giving you natural results without any down time.


Here at OYA Clinics we make weight loss easier and faster with our OYA Signature Body Shaping Treatment. Our mission is to provide quick and steady fat loss without having to follow a strict diet or an intense exercise program. Through our research of currently available fat reducing/weight loss treatments, we found that such treatments either had little effect in reducing weight or actually keeping the weight off long term. Our doctors were driven to find a treatment process that worked better and faster without the risks that are often caused by other slimming treatments which simply melt the body’s fat and then release it directly into the body’s system without having a proper way to eliminate it, thus causing the body to reabsorb the fat over a period of time, making you re-gain the weight you fought so hard to lose. After years of clinical research and testing, our doctors developed a ground breaking formula. 

The OYA cream specifically targets the fat cells, activating the fat burning centers and triggering a biological reaction that burns fat naturally. Our exclusive formula is made from 100% natural plant extracts and is applied directly to the skin on the areas you want to target for fat loss. This results in fast and guaranteed weight loss, and can burn up to 6cm of fat from the waist-line in just 40mins! OYA Body Shaping Treatment is the perfect solution for those who try to lose weight by dieting and exercising but still cannot get to their desired slimmer body shape.